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Puffy Mandrels, etc.


A "Puffy Mandrel" is a  modified mandrel, adapted from the glass blowing world for use by lampwork beadmakers. The "Puffy Mandrel" allows beadmakers with a basic understanding of making hollow beads the ability to make light, consistently thin walled, even hollows! Because they are made of high quality surgical steel, these mandrels will hold up to hundreds of usages without bending or burning through. Some beadmakers even use them with boro glass, and the high heat it requires. (Check out the borosilicate hollow beads of Gail Crosman Moore and Doug Remschneider.)

(Large hollow beads made by
"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing"
Ann Scherm Baldwin)





Puffy Mandrels are now available in EITHER 3/32" (standard size) or 1/8" (large size). Mandrels are sold in groups of two or five in "Jeri's Shop" and can be used over and over again! They are 12" long, made of hollow stainless steel tubing, and have been modified to allow you to combine wound and blown technique. They include detailed instructions. Basic understanding of wound hollow beadmaking is necessary to produce the best results.

Smaller, evenly thin walled beads can also be made with the Puffy Mandrel, but it's easy to get carried away and make large, lightweight glass balls! We suggest you order several, because they're addictive, and you won't want to stop!

Jeri makes all of her hollow beads with the Puffy Mandrel. For examples of beautiful work by other soft glass artists, check out the work of Patti Cahill and Heather Trimlett

Thanks to Ann "Schermo" Baldwin for these hollow bead examples:

 You can see more of Ann's work, or inquire about her private classes at 


Clearly Wonderful Display Cubes

Lucite display cube stands show off your work to it's best advantage! These 1" lucite cubes (shown at left) are perfect for displaying your handmade glass beads either in your home showcase, or when selling at shows. (See pictures of hollow beads above.) Clearly Wonderful Cubes are drilled to accept acrylic posts, which are removable. Each cube comes with two 3 inch posts, easily cut to size, to customize for your own needs. Additional posts can be ordered.




Clearly Wonderful Cubes are also available for horizontally holed beads. The horizontal stand is 3.25" x 1" x 1". It has two holes drilled at either end, to accept a 7" long, flexible acrylic post, supplied. This allows you to display a glass bead up to 3"in length & 1" wide.


Clearly Wonderful Horizontal Display
Bead shown by Ann Scherm Baldwin